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Bali is well known as the land with thousand of gods and temples, Bali is unique compare to other tourist destination, culture, religion,natural sight and ancient site, a tourist heaven with splendid beaches, but most of all.... very friendly people. At Bali By Billy, We are proud to offer you the best tours and adventures activities for your wonderful holiday in Bali, we offer personally tailored tours based around your interest and what you'd like to do and see in Bali. Our tours are design to explore the beauty of Bali

All you need to do is let us know your interest of Bali then we will do the rest, if you do not have much information about Bali or unsure as what you would like to do and see, please do not hesitate to drop us message or send me an email before visiting I can assure you that my team and I provide a professional, honest and helpful service, Our goal is to reveal to you the natural charm of fascinating Bali and ensure all customers enjoy a trully balinese experience, your satisfaction, comfort and safety are our top priority, We look forward to meeting you and sharing our magical island home

Billy suryadi and Team